How to Draw Olaf the Snowman from Frozen with Easy Steps Tutorial

How to Draw Olaf the Snowman from Frozen with Easy Steps Tutorial

Olaf is the funny snowman from Disney’s Frozen. My children and I just saw this Disney movie and it might be the best Disney movie ever made. It was amazing…one of the best parts of the movie is the part with Olaf the Snowman singing about Summer. Today we will show you how to draw Olaf the Snowman with simple to follow steps.

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How to Draw Olaf the Snowman from Frozen with Easy Steps Tutorial

How to Draw Olaf from Frozen with Easy Steps Tutorial

Step 1


– Draw a Letter ‘U’ shape.

– Then draw an oval shape on top of it.

Step 2


– Draw an upside down letter ‘U’-like shape on top of the oval.

– Draw a letter ‘U’ like shape under the oval.

– Draw a sideways capital letter ‘D’ shape (like a half circle).

Step 3


– Draw 2 ovals for eyes.

–  Draw a rectangle at the top of the mouth for the tooth.

– Draw a half circle at the bottom of the snowman.

– Draw a curved line at the chin area.

Step 4


– Draw check mark shaped eye brows.

– Draw a circle in each eye.

– Draw 2 ovals (we will use these to trace out the nose in the next step).

– Lightly draw a line and a triangle for each arm / hand.

Step 5


– Trace the nose circles (from the last step) so that you have the nose shape that you see above.

– For the feet, draw an oval and a half-circle (or a letter ‘D’ shape).

– Lightly draw lines for fingers.

Step 6


– Draw twigs on the top of Olaf’s head … two of them look like letter ‘Y’ shapes. One of the twigs is just a curved line.

– Outline the hand and arm shapes that we drew.

Step 7


Draw ovals for stones.

Step 8


Darken the important lines.

Step 9


Erase guidelines (the guidelines in this tutorial were blue).

Step 10


Draw curved lines in the nose.

Step 11


– Add curved lines at the end of the mouth.

Finished Olaf the Snowman

How to Draw Olaf from Frozen with Easy Steps Tutorial

Darken the lines and erase any lines that you don’t need any more. You can then color him in as seen in the image at the top of this page. I hope your Olaf the Snowman turned out great!

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  2. Thanks for the steps on anna mine looks Allot like her and thanks for Olaf aswell he is so cute on my wall I just need to do ELSA now that’s all I hav time for haha lol

  3. Thanks so much for you help mine looks nothing like that because I am a bad drawer that’s all but you are great at drawing would you be able to draw Sven, Elsa, Anna and the hole lot of frozen my cousins like frozen I have one boy and a girl. Also my brother likes it he is 3 he wants to watch it every day but dad always goes no no no no no all day long so please can you draw the others thanks.
    Oh I forgot to tell you my name is Madysyn people call Mady and thank agin I really hope you can draw the people I requested for <3.


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