1. i love spongebob squarpants i watch him everyyyyyy day im his bigggest fan!!!!!!!!! his real name is tom kenny patrick stars real name is bill fagerbakke and mr. krabs real name is clancy brown and squidwards real name is rodger bumpass planktons real name is mr. lawrence sandy cheeks real name is carolyn lawrence and garys name is tom kenny and ms. puffs real name is mary jo catlett and pearls real name is lori alan and squillyam fancy son real name is dee bradly baker an dkarnes real name is jill talley and larry the lobsters real name is mr. lawrence and king neptune real name is john o hurley and teh flying dutchman real name is brian doyle- murray and i ahve alot more to say about the characters but thast it love you spongebob

  2. shanice

    thanks for putting your drawing instructions up other wise I would go mad because I have always tried to draw sponge bob but I couldn’t. NOW I CAN i’mso happy

  3. i love art

    I love it . Spongebob is so cute i would like to thank the admin for creating this website and making me draw spngebob nicer than before i found out this tutorial!!!!!!!โ˜บ

  4. brenna

    This website really helps me draw cool pictures to show to my friends. I enjoy the Adventure time, Spongebob and regular time. Thanks!

  5. caitlin

    i like sponge bob im 9 years old live in savannah,ga and im in 4th grade my name is caitlin i wach sponge bob on tv evrey day

  6. ne ne gang

    it is to ugly for me to draw so thanx to yall yall dont neva no how to draw nun
    good bye gang see yu

    • admin

      You are supposed to erase the guidelines. This is how you will learn how to draw if you go to art school.

  7. i love spongebob i watch him everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alex

    ok so this was very fun, but i was wondering if you had animated characters like th eones you see in beyblade the show whith the spikey hair and stuff cause i realy wan to learn that and you are a great artist. If so please make one and reply because i put a fake email in the thing so yea. plz plz plz reply i am a big fan.

  9. omg i am so happy i have made that i keep drawing it and giving it to my friends but the draw while you learn is really annoying sorry but i had to say that xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. i <3 it its very cool and my mom says its easy and shes thinks shes kinda of a pro but i think shes full pro !!! i can draw cartoon caritors and my art was in the coart house !!!!!! and i luv luv luv sponge bob lol hes so cool

    • admin

      You have to click on the ‘next page button’ to get to the next page. Thanks for asking, but I’m married with 4 kids.

  11. lolipop cartoonist

    this turned out like super awesome! i showed my dad…he thught i traced somethin frm a book!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 oh and admin…are u the person who put these directions up?

    • admin

      Please click on ‘Next Page’ Link or on the ‘Drop Down Menu’. You can find this at the top and bottom of each page. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. hey mine came out awsome thanks so much did you make the justin bieber one cause that didnt really turn out for me that well but thanks anyway now everyone at school is asking me if i could make them one thnx

  13. Adriana

    I drew this for a friend who’s in jail and can’t see spongebob there. It’s so easy draw with this step by step lesson. I tried other websites and they were just too complicated. Thank you so much!

  14. Haley Lynn Cox!!

    Thank you so much!! I drew it for my little brother for his birthday I am so glad I learned that!!

    • admin

      Click on the ‘next page’ link … it will show you how to draw legs…sorry, just normal legs though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. where you relly on the show jessica? i bet ur just lying u fool!! anyway i liked it but my came out outstanding and perfect im the best at doing this kinda finhgs all of u guyz are losers!!!

    • admin

      This tutorial is more than one page…please click on the next page link on top or bottom of post to get to the next page.

  16. Anna is awesome xD

    thx took me a sec 2 figure out to clik “go to next page” but it wuz nice. i wish i could draw it as good ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. uuhhhhmmm its okay i tried my best im a high school artist butt this helped alittle i wanted to draw my little brother a spongebob cause hes obsessed with it

  18. Anonymous

    hi omg this was the awsomest thing evr i am so bookmarking this i love art u make spongebob easy to draw! U HAVE A CRAZY GOOD TALENT do you think sometime u could do a tutorial on squidward!lol good job

  19. This is really helpful i have been showing my art teacher and everybody. so i am going to book mark this page your website is really helpful!!!!

  20. this rilly good for me I came out so good for me I can do anything here like people I am a good art girl like my brother I got this from my brother and my sister they were in the same class together but my sister is gradeuating this year and my brother gradouated last year!

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