1. shut up jessy and mine didnt work i have this person in my class and he says rude stuff about me and i just tell him to shut up and grow up thats wat jessy should do cause she is mean.

  2. rachel

    jessy u r wack what name is jessy. Oh look im jessy. I think im so cool but im not.shh dont tell. I love raphael thats why imm teasing him of his name. Raphael is a better name then jessy.

  3. Iluvlouistomlinson

    Once again that jessy girl is being rude I’m just gonna stop tellin her about it but her mum and dad need to do something other wise she will grow up thinking that is how u can act to other people. I also don’t think she’s not 10 I think she’s much much older and I think she should be banned from this so please jessy( if that is ur real name) stop being so rude to other people and get a life.

    • admin

      I do agree that people need to start treating other people better. I can’t imagine why anybody would want to hurt somebody else’s feelings. I hope my children grow up to be just as sweet as you, you are a sweet child. 🙂

  4. rapheal. wat kinda name is dat. i bet u get bullyed in school cuz of dat name. who called u dat anyway. it was urmum wasnt it well tellur mum that she sucks at names!!!

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