1. Bayley

    Love this website for anime faces so easy instructions i would definatly use this website again to show my friend maybe make the pictures in colour for more idea but thx

  2. Rukia Kuchiki

    Well… as ichigo said to me…
    “Why do my drawings suck?!”
    hehe.. thanks to this… he will have to eat his words!
    bwahahahaa…. 🙂

  3. Taylor

    like i can pretty much draw anything anyways and ive seen better sites but yeah, its alright but Ive got money for my drawings and I’m 10 and yeah…my Mom is an artist kinda or well used to be. So yes I guess I like this site.

  4. masha vangeystelenn

    this was awsome!! ive drawn 6 really cool faces in 1.5 days!! i luv this website!! putting in my bookmarks!!

  5. Mine has worked out really well but the eyes look too far apart and i can’t be bothered to do tis each time i draw a manga head i am 12 but am all ready the best artist and i got awards for my drawings. For example best girl artist of the year ect ect ect …….:L

  6. chelcea hays

    OMG. this is canny hard like. :’) i was half way through it and like me pencil snapped. ermm i am a FAB drawer i can draw anything actually. xx ;D

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