1. Doreen Näther

    i find drawing mangas in profile difficult. so do drawing realistic people in profile. portraits are much easier. thanks for this tutorial.

  2. Dark.

    You have saved my homework. I thank you very much, because now I don’t have to suffer as much from the side view faces in my comic project… :’)

  3. Unknown~

    This actually helped me so~ much! I was about to create a comic on Webtoon, then realizing that I didn’t have the skill of drawing a face in side view! Once again, this really helped me improve on this! Thank you for this!!

  4. Unknown person :P

    This was really helpful. Now I know where to go when I’m not sure how to draw a person’s side!

  5. Whimsy

    Needs some work. Your biggest mistake is that you’re making the pupil of the eye enourmous and rounded. It would be much thinner.

  6. this was a very helpful site it helped me a lot oh and i’m only 12 years old thanks. i hope this website helps others see what they want to see and keep drawing manga or anime. thanks for making this website. <3

  7. Yuuniise

    Suuper ARIGATO~ for this tutorial— TOTALLY HELPED ME A LOT. ;)) (I’m using the caps lock to show how I’m truly grateful. ;D)

  8. Vanessa

    This is awesome!!!

    One thing, though – I’ve been searching FOREVER for sites that show how to draw the side of
    a gir’s head with HAIR.

    Anybody, if you know a site or picture, please HELP ME!!!!!

  9. Amira

    Thanks for making this tutorial 😀 i was actually finding this a long time ago 😀 THANKS!!! ARIGATOU GOZAIMAS *bow*

    ~Sorry for my bad english :p

  10. Angelique

    Thanks for this, it helped a lot. I’m doing an etching project for art, and my anime girl looks awesome! Thanks so much!!!

  11. Gallygalsa

    It helped really much! I needed to learn how to draw something so nice for my art project! YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!

  12. Kain

    I love you guys. Without this site and these manga tuts, i wouldn’t be drawing what i can today. I thank you for it.

  13. AnimeLover

    Thank you so much!!!! I’ve never been able to draw a face like this before, so your tutorial really helped me!!!!!

  14. 8'D

    This helped alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. o_o
    I’m actually proud at what I drew :’]

  15. katiee

    Omg thank you sooooo much i draw manga chars for a while 2 years i think and i always had problem with the profile view!! you helped me sooo much thank you ;D

  16. Otaku!

    This tutorial helped ALOT!!! yay!!! i could only daw realistic types, never anime which ot me fustrated! ha!!

  17. Anna

    Oh my gosh thank you! I’ve always wanted to draw side views and I couldn’t until now. 😀 you are my Hero and I’m getting the hang of it.

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