1. where da heck is the rest of de body!!! CAN U “PLEASE” SHOW THEREST OF ‘MARGESIMPONS’ i mean honestly the do a picture and stop at the middle and u avent even finished this website sucks and my child went to school and came back crying coz she thouhgt dat the picture was finished and and went toschool and she showed the class and every one wos laughing at my 6 year old daughter!! how stuiped this website is!! i going to call the police and ban this website coz one of the people on dis thing was abusing my lovely 9 years old daughter!!! this thing is tipical!i thought u could do better than dat u fools!! whos the owner and i wanna talk to youcum to my houe at TN24 3HG at old farm lane number 38! if you dont cum then u are going to be arrested coz my husband is a police and i’ll tellhim a lye and he’ll belive me and tell the police offic agent and you will be in big trouble! (Im just kidingnthis is all a joke! im not even a adult im only 10!! and ii dont live in TN24 3HG at old farm lane number 34 or 38 cant remeberwat i said! lol)

  2. good picture but can you show me the rest of the picture for the next steps please because i am trying to draw marge simpson so can you please show me the rest of the steps

    thanks sinceroly kate

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