1. Brian jessep

    It really is straight forward and those youngsters who think they want to give up or find that they are having a hard time should keep trying for a while. Few people at the beginning find it is easy but like golf or cooking or learning calligraphy you just take in lesson by lesson – do not expect to read the whole book on your subject before you go yo bed.
    Draw 10 sets of lips, then 10 ears (side view) and so on. Build up your repertoire and soon you will fit it together, a bit like a jig-saw puzzle. But the set out as shown in the diagrams is important – work with it till it all comes together for you especially if you do not believe you must be a clever artist in a short time – it will take weeks / months.
    Stay with it.

  2. Noman khubaz

    I’ve been very fond of sketching
    Well then
    Thnx a lot bt i think i can’t do it bt i’ll keep trying to make it perfect
    I just wanna draw someone’s face that i miss so mch……………………..

    • admin

      Aren’t people just pretty monkeys? Just kidding…keep trying, don’t give up. You should see some of the drawings I do! You would laugh at them…but I just keep trying and it works out eventually. <3

    • Mayya

      Don’t worry, Admin’s right, aren’t we just pretty monkeys? we started off like that right? Keep trying and soon, it’ll be the prettiest monkey you’ve ever seen.

  3. Anna

    I havent drawn since school and this bought it all back for me as I need to start a portfolio for work. I cant wait to get back into drawing now!

  4. Thank you very much… what a great tutorial. I mean need a lot of practice but your images and steps were wonderful. A great tutorial to start with!! Great for beginners as faces, eyes are so hard. I need a bit of help with lips also but that’s for another time. Great job!! I’ll share this on my blog that I just started 3 days ago. Please visit my blog and join … thank you!

  5. Elizabeth

    I never new how to draw a face that good but now I could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brenda lizette Soto

    thank you for the new wayfor me to draw eyes….and the mouth ok…a new way to draw a face more realisticly(spell check) ^^

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