1. Spottidot

    Thanks this trick was very helpful it helped me to make even lines and not make things all wonky. Thank you for all the help with this website, also do you draw dogs I haven’t looked yet.

  2. Queen Mariah

    wow this is amazing i drew my eye at first it was terrrible then my second eye it was so perfect like yours also thanks

  3. Hi, I’m Katniss. I’ve always loved drawing and I always thought drawing eyes were hard, but after doing this tutorial, I’m great. Thanks so so so so so so so so so much for making it!

  4. Aloysous

    Hi! I’ve been working on changing my style lately, I’m super frustrated, and this has made a HUGE difference. This tutorial is greatness. Once I figure out noses, lips, and hair, I’ll be good. Good job, creator person!

  5. I loved this tutorial I tried a different one and it turned out horrible but when I tried yours I got this amazing real looking eye. Any chance you have one on faces.

  6. thank you very much guys that’s really awesome but plz can u draw an angry eye cuz my friend is angry from me i want to draw for them an picture so plz

  7. brooke

    im adopted and my little 3 year old brother has died just recently and i have been drawing eyes ever since, they help me regain my peace and optimism in my life. Thanks to your eye sketch i have successfully disected my little brothers eyeball. Thanks again, I hope you draw a nose soon.

  8. I have been looking for something to easily teach me to draw a realistic eye.Just a bit more practice and I’ll ace my art class.(I love art class) Thank you.And once again this website has everything I NEED.

  9. Foxden61

    Omg! I love this website! It contains steps for everything I’ve ever wanted to draw! I am sooooooo glad you posted this how to draw a realistic eye! I used to think eyes were hard to draw! You wouldn’t happen to have how to draw foxes?…………..would you?

  10. Rue

    Thank you so much!
    A while ago I found this tutorial and loved it. It changed my style and made it so much better! This is the best tutorial around, thank you so much!
    I was so scared because I tried to draw eyes (I haven’t in about 3 months) and it failed so miserably. I have an art exams coming up and I just freaked! Is really helped, thank you so so so much! 😀

  11. Sarah Noble

    Thanks a lot!! I can barely draw and out of all the sites this was the best!! I will recommend it all my drawing friends and ALWAYS use it!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

  12. Heather

    Wow, this is really great and easy to follow! I did a couple of steps my own way, but it was just because of my drawing style. It is really great! Thanks for teaching this to me xD

      • Carol

        You are a rude and arrogant child that should not be allowed to socialize unless accompanied with a responsible adult!

    • Pentaholic Fangirl❤

      I did my own some steps my way too… I feel like the tear duct was a tad bit down too far… So I made it a bit higher up. This taught me how to make SUCH A GOOD EYE!!! Easy to remember too. My old eyes were sooo ugly ??????

  13. :)

    Thank you so much, my mom was an amazing artist and i was really sad cause i lacked n that talent from my parents, and i could never draw the eyes so i just stopped drawing. Now that i saw those and learned how to do them, my drawing are looking amazing and im actually getting really good feedback on them!!!
    Thx so much!!!!!!

  14. Missy Anni Bel

    (My name is not Missy Anni Bel)

    My drawings came out AB FAB! they look great!
    I have done 2B pencil, woodless charcoal and next I’m doing graphite stick.
    My drawings look amazing!
    I never knew it was so simple…

    Missy Anni Bel

  15. Adriana

    Wow! I’ve tried all my life to draw realistic eyes and finally, thanks to your help, I’ve accomplished it!

  16. Jessica

    Oh my god. Finally something that I can follow! I never realized that it was so easy. THANK YOU SO MUCH. They look amazing.

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