1. I LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. i drew it and everything i love it who ever made this website or drew this pic is absouletly AWESOME

  2. Abbie

    This is hard! Made a good attempt at it though! Not the best but I’l try another day and see if I can get it any better! 😀

  3. WOOW lots of JB fans. thats great cuz i hope he loves all the things and support u give him and really appriciates it.

  4. Ruwaida

    its hard to draw justin’s hair but totally it worked out in the end………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3


    thaaanks aloot:D!.. i love justin bieber soooo soooo soooo much and i would do anything to meet him. I used the picture and copied it and it turned out better! :L…. Thaaanks soo muchh, and justin, if you can see this I LOVE YOU ALOT! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 😀

  6. Broodje padaja

    This picture did really work out. i am netherandish.. so i cansay something wrong.. But this website is really good. I CAN DRAW JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crazy:

  7. I thought tutorials were supposed to make stuff east to draw! I mean if your an artist maybe this is easy but give me a break! haha i need it even more broken down. TOO HARD!! But i am a belieber <3333

  8. miranda green

    pheeew! i did a kick-butt job on this! thanks Admin! im soooo sending this to his fan mail adress in new york! justins gonna love itt!<3

  9. mrs bieber

    omg thats so much your my hero !! 😀
    i drew one and im soo proud thanks a mil 🙂 will recommend you to all my friends and bieber fans worldwide 😀 !! xx

  10. i wish i wash an artist then i can draw you every day and listen to your music it only make me feel better i love you and its hard to do the picture is really hard

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