1. Carol Douglass

    This is so helpful! And I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one to have trouble with drawing curves in perspective. Thank you.

  2. Jeff

    In Figure A, I still don’t understand how you figure where to draw the line across (c-d). I understand that the vertical line is drawn to bisect the square but how do you decide how far up, or down, to draw the horizontal line?

    • Jon Hail

      @Jeff c-d is is doing the same thing as a-b except it’s bisecting the square horizontal rather than vertical. Both lines are drawn through the center of the square which is found with the dashed horizontal lines. Hopefully that helps.


  3. Danny

    Hi very well done and helpful! I recently tackled the challenge of a compass with open lid @ 30 degree perspective ( 2 eclipse facing each other ). Found it VERY difficult! Might be a good tutorial! Cheers!

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