1. Mikael

    I absolutely love this and wish you could add more characters such as,Lucious Malfoy,Fudge,the baslik and Sirius Black

  2. Universe

    Love this, hope you don’t mind me using the art for a school project. Never knew chibi was a thing, but it is a great style. Love all your art

  3. Luna lovegood

    I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since forever and these cute little chibis are perfect

  4. Arya

    Although there aren’t all characters its good….
    but i think if u can add some more characters it would be good…
    and please if you are going to can you do it this week coz, i need the characters….

  5. Draco Malfoy

    haha these r so cuuuuuteeeeeeee!!!!!! my bff amd i are going to paint them onto mugs. im the draco to her harry! imma slytherin shes a gryffindor

  6. KCool

    Oh my goodness! This is beyond cool. I love Harry Potter and drawing. This is so perfect for me. This is exactly what I thought they would look like except for maybe Voldemort. Once again thank you so much for this!!!

    • admin

      haha – I’m glad that you like these so much! My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter, and has been for about 7 years now….so I knew there had to be others like her out there. πŸ™‚

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