1. Jaydeycorn

    I love Harry Potter soooo much and these are perfect for me.

    So can you draw more characters but especially Dobby because he is me and my mum’s favourite.

    Can you pls do more animals

  2. Mikael

    I absolutely love this and wish you could add more characters such as,Lucious Malfoy,Fudge,the baslik and Sirius Black

  3. Universe

    Love this, hope you don’t mind me using the art for a school project. Never knew chibi was a thing, but it is a great style. Love all your art

  4. Luna lovegood

    I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since forever and these cute little chibis are perfect

  5. Arya

    Although there aren’t all characters its good….
    but i think if u can add some more characters it would be good…
    and please if you are going to can you do it this week coz, i need the characters….

  6. Draco Malfoy

    haha these r so cuuuuuteeeeeeee!!!!!! my bff amd i are going to paint them onto mugs. im the draco to her harry! imma slytherin shes a gryffindor

  7. KCool

    Oh my goodness! This is beyond cool. I love Harry Potter and drawing. This is so perfect for me. This is exactly what I thought they would look like except for maybe Voldemort. Once again thank you so much for this!!!

    • admin

      haha – I’m glad that you like these so much! My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter, and has been for about 7 years now….so I knew there had to be others like her out there. 🙂

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